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Tarabalo Hot Spring, Bhapur, Nayagarh

Tarabalo Hot Spring is located at Bhapur and is 36 km distance from Nayagarh town. Bathing in this Tarabalo sulfur water cures skin diseases of the human body. The hot water spring is surrounded by farmland, and the surrounding areas are calm and muddy. Tarabalo Spring has a Kiasuni Thakurani temple, Hanuman statue and shiva linga, which locals come to worship. A large number of tourists come to this place in winters for hiking and bathing. Tarabalo Hot Spring is one of the holy hot spring in Odisha. Other Services…

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Sunamuhin Dam & Park, Khandapada, Nayagarh

The Sunamuhin Dam is located in the Khandapada forest range. It is just 2 km from Khandapada town and is about 15 km from the district headquarter of Nayagarh. The Dam has green forests hill on one side and Sunamunin park on the other side. It is a minor irrigation project for storage water. The place is Attracts tourists to come here in winter for a beautiful natural environment. It is a good place for a weekend picnic in the winter season. When the clouds touch the hills of the Dam…

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Narayani Temple, Odagaon, Nayagarh

Narayani Temple is situated near Nayagarh Town. The road from Kantilo to Bhubaneswar is 5 km distance from Chakada village. It is the famous Narayani temple of Nayagarh. Maa Ashtabhuja Singhbahini Durga has worshipped here. The height of the Maa Narayani idol is 10 feet in height. Maa Durga statue made of a Muguni stone called Kalapat. There is a pond in the vicinity of this temple and a Yagan Kunda in it.  Legend has it that the place was once the kingdom of Gosingh. The giant Goshen was sacrificing it in the pool.…

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Kuturi Park, Kuanria Deer Park, Dasapalla, Nayagarh

The Kuturi deer Park is located inside the Mahanadi Wildlife Division Sanctuary and is around 8 km from Baramula. It is a place called Kuturi, which houses the Habitat Development Centre for facilitating the natural breeding of wild animals. This area contains a pond, salt lake, fodder variety Napier grass and an orchard with varieties of indigenous decorative and medicinal plants. There is a cottage watchtower where free movement and activities of animals are monitored at night. Kuanria Deer Park, Daspalla  Kuanria Deer Park is located near Kuanria Dam. There are more…

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