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Ram Mandir, Fategarh, Bhapur, Nayagarh

Ram Mandir is located on a hill near Fategarh of Bhapur block and is about 40 km distance from Nayagarh town and 65 km from Bhubaneswar. The inauguration ceremony of this Ram temple was held on a similar day to Ayodhya Prana Pratishta Day, which is on 22nd January 2024. The construction of this temple started in 2017, and around 150 workers were involved in the temple work. Shri Ram temple was built at a cost of more than 10 crores with donations from the villagers of Bhapur, Fatehgarh and…

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Srabani waterfall, Nayagarh

Srabani waterfall is located in the Bolagarh Forest and is 12 km distance from Nayagarh town. It is a small waterfall and is best for a picnic. There is no water in Srabani Falls all the time, only rain and winter days. A dam picnic area near the falls is charming, and you can also spend some time here. Srabani Waterfall is a tourist attraction places near Nayagarh town. Other Services Destination Attractions, Destination Facilities, Transportation, Accessibility, How to Reach Opening Time Srabani waterfall opening time is Everyday Morning 8…

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Kotagarh Hill Side Park, Rajsunakhala, Nayagarh

Kotagarh Park is located at the foot of a beautiful hill and 4 km distance from Raj Sunakhala. It is the best place to enjoy leisure time with family and friends. As Kotagarh Park is a private park, its entrance fee is not free so it is Rs.30 for adults and Rs.20 for children above 12 years. This park is a perfect place for children to play and have fun, and all kinds of equipment are available for playing. Hillside Park also has facilities for Marriage, Reception Parties, Bratopanayan and…

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Ratnaganda Waterfall, Dasapalla, Nayagarh

Ratnaganda Waterfall is located about 10 km distance from Dasapalla and 58 km from Nayagarh town. The water of this waterfall flows from the top of the hill through the dense forest. The winter season is the best time for group fests, weekend picnics and forest tours, and a large number of tourists come here during this time.  The place has crowded as many tourists come here to enjoy its natural beauty. Ratnaganda Waterfall is a tourist attraction places in Nayagarh, Odisha. Previous Next Other Services Destination Attractions, Destination Facilities,…

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