Khandapada Palace, Jagannath Temple, Nayagarh

Khandapara is situated 19 km from Nayagarh. The place is surrounded by Mango groves and nine Mountains. The city of Khandapada attracts many monks and temples. One of them is the Jagannath Temple which is worshipped under the name Dadhibamana. The temple, built in the style of Pancharatha has Jagmohan and Nat Mandir Another attraction in Khandapada is Palace. Entering it, one can see the Daya Sagar, Rasik Raja Gopinath Temple. Lord Raghunath, the Mata Chaturbhuja Durga idol with the Mahadev temple and the Bauri Thakurani temple, the idol of the king. Chaitanya Math, Narsingh Thakur and Neel Kanthashwar Mahadev can be seen all around the palace.

Khandapara is famous for being the birthplace of Astrologer Mahamahopadhyaya Chandrasekhara Singha Harichandana Mahapatra Samanta. He was the writer of Sidhanta Darpan a unique culture of Astrology book which is more admirable for the correctness of moment of stars and sun. Khandapada Palace, Jagannath Temple are one of the most popular Tourist Places in the Nayagarh District. odisha