Mauli Maa Temple, Manyamkonda, Malkangiri

Manyamkonda temple has situated in Kalimela Block, and It is 90 Km from Malkangiri Town. The famous God of the Malkangiri District (Lord Mahaprabhu) is being worshipped in this temple. The Manayamkonda temple is inside a cave and is surrounded by hills. Every year between March and April, Bada Yatra is celebrated here. Malkangiri starts from this place to Malkangiri Mauli Maa Temple. Three Gods are namely “Kanam Raju” (Krishna),” Pota Raju” (Vima) and “Bal Raju” (Arjun), worshipped in this festival.

Manyamkonda temple is a religious place in Malkangiri District. The Mahaprabhu Mela is celebrated with much praise, and crowds of devotees gather to watch the procession. The scenic beauty of this place and the temple of Lord Mahaprabhu attracts a large number of religious visitors to this place. Manyamkonda temple is one of the most popular tourist places in Malkangiri District, Odisha.