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Dekrajodi Waterfall, Bhejangiwada, Malkangiri

Dekrajodi waterfall is an attractive tourist place in Malkangiri. It is 20 km distance from Kalimela and 51 km from Malakangiri town. As this beautiful waterfall is near the border of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh, many tourists from both states come here for a picnic. Near the Dekrajodi waterfall, there are tribal statues that show the customs and traditions of the tribals. The location of the waterfall is calm, and it is really beautiful. The Winter season is the best time for group picnics here. Ekagudi waterfall is a popular…

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Ekagudi Waterfall, Salimi, Mathili, Malkangiri

Ekagudi waterfall is the highest waterfall in Malkangir. It is located at Salimi and is 30 km distance from Mathili and 70 km from Malkangiri. The height of this waterfall is around 200 feet. After crossing farmlands, forests and hilly roads, Ekagudi waterfall comes. The waterfall is visible about a kilometre from the parking lot. Winter is the perfect time to have a picnic here. It is a good place to bathe because the spring water is clean. Ekagudi waterfall is one of the popular tourist attractions places in the Malkangiri…

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Mauli Maa Temple, Manyamkonda, Malkangiri

Manyamkonda temple has situated in Kalimela Block, and It is 90 Km from Malkangiri Town. The famous God of the Malkangiri District (Lord Mahaprabhu) is being worshipped in this temple. The Manayamkonda temple is inside a cave and is surrounded by hills. Every year between March and April, Bada Yatra is celebrated here. Malkangiri starts from this place to Malkangiri Mauli Maa Temple. Three Gods are namely “Kanam Raju” (Krishna),” Pota Raju” (Vima) and “Bal Raju” (Arjun), worshipped in this festival. Manyamkonda temple is a religious place in Malkangiri District. The Mahaprabhu…

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Goi Hill Station & Shiva Temple, Malkangiri

A famous Shiva Linga is found in the nearby “Goi Hill” of Malkangiri Town. During the “Maha Shivaratri Festival,” a large religious crowd is gathered at this hill temple of Lord Shiva. Local people have put efforts into making a safe passage to the hill for the pilgrims. The height of the Shiva Linga is more than 6 feet. It has been observed that this Shiva Linga is gradually rising over a period of time. A famous Shiva Linga is found in the nearby “Goi Hill” of Malkangiri Town. During…


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