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Ghumareswar Temple & Waterfall, Nabarangpur

Ghumareswar Temple is situated on a hill about 32 km distance from Nabarangpur city. In this temple, Lord Shiva is worshipped inside a rock cave, and a short distance away is the temple of Goddess Parvati. After climbing about 100 steps, one can reach the Ghumureswar temple.  Mahashivratri is the famous festival of this temple. Throughout the year devotees from different parts of Odisha come here to worship Lord Ghumareswar Mahadev. Another attraction of this place is the Ghumurswar Falls near the Shiva Temple. A large number of tourists come…

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Brahman Kund Waterfall, Bangriposi, Mayurbhanj

Brahman Kund (Kunda) waterfall is situated on the Girisrungha hills in the Similipal forest range. It is around 29 km distance from Bangriposi and 65 km from Baripada. This place is full of natural beauty. The water of this waterfall flows from the top of the hills and collects in a Kunda known as Brahman Kund. A variety of fishes can be seen swimming in Brahman Kunda, which is another attraction of this place. Bangriposi Waterfall is a famous tourist attraction place near Baripada. This beautiful waterfall is surrounded by…

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Sitakund Waterfall, Similipal, Baripada, Mayurbhanj

Sitakand Waterfall is located within Similipal National Park in the Mayurbhanj district. It is 2 km from Similipal National Park Pithavata gate and 25 km distance from Baripada, and 91 km from Balasore. Sitakunda fall water flows from the top of the Hill. The winter season is the best time for group fests, weekend picnics and forest tours, and a large number of tourists come here. Sitakand Waterfall is the best waterfall near Baripada City. Sitakand Waterfall is associated with mythological stories. It is said that Goddess Sita rested here…

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Chaulabhaja Waterfall, Similipal, Mayurbhanj

Chaulabhaja Waterfall is located within the Similipal Wildlife Sanctuary. It is 33 km distance from Baripada town. After crossing the hilly road for about 3-4 km, Chaulibhaja waterfall comes. This waterfall is surrounded by dense forests and hills. Chaulabhaja Waterfall is locally known as Chaulibhaja waterfall. The place is full of natural scenery, and the water of the waterfall flows down the hills in many levels. Chaulabhaja waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in Odisha. The height of this waterfall is around 300 feet. It is a good place…

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