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Chuda Ghasa Recipe

Chuda or Poha is de-husked rice, which is flattened or beaten into dry flakes. It is easily digestible and is consumed as snacks or porridge in all parts of India. In Odia culture, Chuda Ghasa has a special significance. On various auspicious occasions in Odisha, this Chuda Ghasa is used as food and prasad. Chuda Ghasa Ingredients Chuda Ghasa IngredientsBeaten rice- 500gms(powdered)Coconut- 6 to 8 Or 1 kg very Finely grated coconutSugar- 750gms(powdered)Pure ghee- 200gmsRaisins- 4-5 tbsp Clove powder- 1/4 tspCardamom powder- 1/4 tspNutmeg powder- a pinchPeppercorn powder- 1/4 tspCamphor…

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Satapuri Pitha Recipe

Satapuri is a thick 'Pitha' stuffed with seven layers of fillings. It is prepared on the day of Saptapuri Amabasya, which falls in the month of Bhadrab. Seven kinds of ingredients are used for 'Pura', which means filling. Satpuri is one of the famous dishes of Odisha. Satapuri Ingredients Whole wheat flour- 1 cupSugar- 1/4 cupSalt- a pinchJaggery- 6 tspCardamom powder- 1/4 tspCinnamon powder- 1/4 tspNutmeg powder- a pinchPeppercorn powder- 1/4 tspGhee- 1/2 tspGrated coconut- 1/4 cupPeanuts- 1 tbspChhena- 14 cupDates or pistachio- 5-6Green gram dal- 2-3 tbspSesame- 1 tbspRaisins-…

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Besara Recipe

Odia Vegetable Besara Ingredients Vegetable Besara is a reliable and traditional Odisha recipe, cooked in mustard paste with mixed vegetables. It is one of the 56 blessings offered as Mahaprasad at Puri Sri Jagannath Temple in Odisha Besara Ingredients Soaked Bengal gram(whole)- 50 gmsBengal gram dal- 10 gmsRadish- 2-3Elephant yam- 300gmsWax gourd- 150gmsPumpkin- 200gmsSweet potatoes- 150gmsBroad bean- 100gmsLeutia Saga (ref Glos)- 1 bunchGinger- 2" piece Grated coconut- 1/2 cupBlack mustard seeds- 20 gmsAni seeds- 10 gmsTurmeric powder- 1 tspSalt- to tasteNadi- 50 gmsAsafoetida- a pinchSugar or Jaggery- 2 tspGhee- 3…

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Mahura Food Recipe

Odia Vegetable Mahura Ingredients Mahura is one of the most delicious foods in Odisha. This Mahura is offered as Prasad to Lord Jagannath of Odisha. Mahura is one of the 56 Bhog of Lord Jagannath. Mahura Ingredients Soaked Bengal gram(whole)- 25 gmsElephant yam- 300 gmsGreen banana- 2 nosBrinjal- 200 gmsPumpkin- 200 gmsKankad or Wax gourd- 200 gmsSweet potatoes- 200 gmsColocasia- 100 gmsGinger- 2 pieceGrated coconut- 1 cupSugar- 20 gmsNadi- 100 gmsSalt- to taste Turmeric powder- 1 tspCoriander- 2 tspCumins- 1 tspPeppercorn- 10Ani seeds- 2 tspCinnamon- 1" stickBlack cardamom- 1Cloves- 2Ghee-…

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