Ananta Brata Osa

Ananta Brata is a holy festival celebrated mainly by Hindus in Odisha. This Osa is a celebration of the eternal deity believed to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Anata Brata, It falls on the 14th day of the fortnight of Bhadrava (August-September). On this auspicious day, Vishnu sleeps on the bed of Anant in the Milky Ocean and is worshipped and meditated upon. On this day 14 types of fruits are offered to Lord Vishnu along with fasting. During the Ananta Brata Puja, a 14-knot green thread of green colour is tied on the right hand. It ensures protection against evil, prosperity and happiness. During exile, the Pandava princes observed this fast to regain their lost kingdom, wealth, prestige and happiness. Some people also observed “Habisa’ taking raw cooked rice and some boiled pulse and vegetables without spice. Anant means endless, infinite. During the fast on this day in belief, the worshippers are awarded infinite happiness by blessings of God Vishnu.

Lingaraj Temple in Bhubaneswar and Jagannath Temple in Puri have many idols of Ananta Vasudeva, and special pujas are currently being performed in these temples. The medieval Vaisnavism in South Odisha bears a lot of examples of different worship of lord Vishnu for personal lives and social life benefits. The concentration and meditation on the lord on this day create devotion in the mind and be away from ill deeds and crimes. Social discipline and integral relations also come into account. Arrogance, anger, pride, ditching and humiliating others. The purpose of this Brata is to be kind to humans and animals and refrain from lying. The origin of Vaishnavism or worship of Vishnu goes back origin even to the Vedic age. In the history of Odisha‘s religious life already mentioned earlier, various trends of religious beliefs.