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Devidwar, Gayala Bank, Banki, Cuttack

Devidwar Temple is located on the banks of the river near Gayala Bank, It is 20 km distance from Banki and 25 km from Cuttack. Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of Laxmaneshwar in Debidwar temple. Lord Hanuman, Maa Ramandi, Hanuman and Trimurti worshipped on temple premises. As this temple is on the banks of the river, its environment is very peaceful. There is a Jana Seva Center near the temple for tourists and devotees. Seeing the beautiful view of the hills on the banks of the river from…

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Pandava Bakhara Caves & Hill, Cuttack

Pandava Bakhara is an old cave that is associated with mythological stories. It is located in the Chandaka forest, 31 km distance from Cuttack City and 38 km from Bhubaneswar. According to local people, the Pandavas spent a few days here during their exile in this rock shelter hence the name Pandava Bakhara. The distance from the ground level to the rock shelter is about 1 km, and the road to reach the top is a bit difficult. A few years ago, a research team found traces of human habitation…

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Theseri Waterfall, Badamba, Cuttack

Theseri Waterfall is located in the Hindol Badamba Forest Range near Chhanchunia. It is 17 km distance from Badamba and 90 km from Cuttack City. This waterfall flows in a dense forest. The waterfall is visible after about 5 km of trekking. Elephants, bears and wild animals can see on the way to this waterfall. Water flows from Bada Theseri Waterfall and Dalaka Waterfall and falls in Theseri Waterfall. This waterfall is bigger than the Dabarakhol waterfall in Cuttack district. As Bada Theseri Waterfall is near Cuttack and Bhubaneswar, many…

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Silver City Boat Club, Cuttack

Cuttack is popularly known as the Silver City of India. To preserve the name Cuttack, the Silver City Boat Club is located near the Bali Jatra grounds on the banks of the river Mahanadi with the help of Odisha Tourism and OTDC. Its purpose is that city dwellers can spend some quality time here with their families and children. The main objective of the project is to keep multiple water sports operators and promote water-based tourism in Cuttack and nearby districts. Multipurpose room, watersports, food court, cafeteria, toilet complex, restaurant,…

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