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Raktatirtha Eram, Smruti Stambha Basudebpur, Bhadrak

Raktatirtha Eram smruti stambha is a famous place of sacrifice is located 16 km away from Basudebpur of Bhadrak district. One side of the land was bounded by the Bay of Bengal and the other three sides are surrounded by two rivers known as Gameye and Kansabansa. This place was used as a citadel by the freedom fighters. Due to these natural boundaries, it was not easy for the police and administrative persons to enter this place. In 1920 prominent nationalist leaders of Odisha, like Utkalmani Gopabandhu Das and Utkal…

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Maa Dhamarai Temple, Dhamra, Bhadrak

Maa Dhamarai Temple is located at Dhamra near a small coastal township. The place is about 60 km from Bhadrak town and on the coast of the Bay of Bengal. Goddess maa Dhamarai is worshipped by a widow of the fisherman community. Devotees come here for getting a wish from Maa Dhamrai. Makar Sankranti is the main festival of this temple. There are many folk tales and legends regarding the deity and the temple. Maa Dhamarai had five sisters and was residing at a place called “Satabhaya”. Her five sisters…

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Maa Bhadrakali Temple, Bhadrak

Maa Bhadrakali temple is situated at a distance of 5 km away from Bhadrak town in the southwest direction. Maa Bhadrakali Temple is a famous temple in the Bhadrak district. The statue of goddess Bhadrakali is made of black granite and sits in a lotus posture on the lion. The Local people of the area have a lot of faith in the goddess that the mother fulfils their wishes. The environment of the place is very calm and quiet. Maa Bhadra Kali temple is a famous temple in Bhadrak, Odisha.  Durgapuja…

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Chandabali Port, Bhadrak

The Chandabali Port is situated on the bank of the River Baitarani and is 50 km from Bhadrak town. There is a lighthouse placed at Chandbai port. The Chandabali port was a small fishing village and a natural river port. In 1866, trading opened from this port to Bengal in 1881. It was declared a government port by the British government. The place is very amusing and attractive to visitors. Lord Shiva Temple, Maa Patana Mangala Temple, Sri Aurobindo Dibyadham Ashram, Akhandalamani shiv temple, Goddess Kali Pokhorisahi Hanuman Temples has…

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