Maa Dhamarai Temple, Dhamra, Bhadrak

Maa Dhamarai Temple is located at Dhamra near a small coastal township. The place is about 60 km from Bhadrak town and on the coast of the Bay of Bengal. Goddess maa Dhamarai is worshipped by a widow of the fisherman community. Devotees come here for getting a wish from Maa Dhamrai. Makar Sankranti is the main festival of this temple.

There are many folk tales and legends regarding the deity and the temple. Maa Dhamarai had five sisters and was residing at a place called “Satabhaya”. Her five sisters were carnivorous in contradiction to her being purely vegetarian, which had angered her sisters they pushed her deep into the sea. Floating on the water Maa Dhamarai came towards Chandinipala and is believed to have been caught in the fishing net one Sanatana Dalai and Bulei Behera had rescued her and started worshipping in their house. Later on, it has believed that on the same night the queen of the then King of Kanika, Sailendra Narayan Bhanjadeo saw a dream wherein Maa Dhamrai ordered her to build a temple. The temple was built by the then king Sailendra Narayan Bhanjadeo in the year 1953. Maa Dhamarai temple and Dhamra Port is one of the tourist places in Bhadrak, Odisha. (Source)