Biranchinarayan Temple, Lord Brahma, Bhadrak

Sri Biranchinarayan Temple is situated 15 km from Bhadrak towards Chandbali and 143 km from Bhubaneswar. The temple is dedicated to Lord Brahma, who is enshrined as a roughly four-faced image of the Sun. Gunduni is the main festival of this temple, which Devotees come and celebrate the festival. Biranchi Narayan Temple stands as evidence of the heritage of Surya Upasana in Orissa. This is the Second Temple of Lord Brahma in the world after Temple in Rajasthan. A square stone slightly tapering towards the top contains four carved images of the Sun-god in relief, on the four sides of a slab. The figures hold two lotuses in two hands and are depicted standing on chariots drawn by seven horses. It occupies a significant place in the cultural map of Odisha. Biranchinarayan Temple is one of the tourist places in the Bhadrak district.