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Talamiting Waterfall, Kakiriguma, Koraput

Talamiting Waterfall is located about 10 km distance from Kakiriguma and 50 km from Koraput City. This beautiful waterfall flows through the hills amidst natural beauty. The sweet chirping of the birds in the Hills and the roaring sound of the stream give this place a special place. The height of Talamiting Waterfall is about 100 feet. This waterfall picnic spot has good connectivity, you can reach it conveniently.  The adventure of the waterfall and the environment is enjoyable. The scenic beauty of the Talamiting Fall is so beautiful that…

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Palmetum & Patadevi Dangar Ecotourist Park, Koraput

Palmetum Park is located on the hill of Patadevi Dangar and is 2 km distance from Koraput town. In this park, you can see different types of fruit and flower trees. From the top of Palmetum Park, you can see Koraput city, the hills and the coffee garden. This beautiful park has a fruit garden, Bambusetum, Palmetum, Spicy Orchard, Pine Park, and a flower garden. A huge stone statue of Maa Patadevi is on top of the park.  This park is a place, where you will feel peace after spending…

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Balda Cave, Pond & Hill Station, Koraput

Balda Cave is located on a hill surrounded by green forest, 66 km distance from Koraput city. The top of this plateau is said to be flat, where 05 football matches can be played simultaneously. A beautiful pond is on the plain near this BALDA CAVE, which is the most exciting point of the place. Donger Dei is the main deity of the cave worship by the local people.  Balda Maa Nageswari Cave Yatra is celebrated every year in the month of Chaitra, and local pilgrims come here to celebrate…

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Galigabadar Waterfall, Pottangi, Koraput

Pottangi Galigabadar Waterfall is located at the foothills of Deomali, and It is 11 km distance from Potangi and 55 km from Koraput town. The water of this Galigabdar Waterfall flows through the springs from the top of the Hills. There is good communication to get to this place. The water of the Galigabdar Waterfall flows down the hill through many levels. A large number of tourists come here in winter for picnics and group feasts near the falls of Galigabadar. Rathibali waterfall is a best waterfall in Koraput The Rathibali…

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