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Deer & Zoological Park, Sakhipara, Sambalpur

The deer park is located inside the Sambalpur town. This place is also a zoological park in a sprawling area of 35 acres. There is a small park for children's to play around in the park. There are several species of Deer, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer to see in the park. It has been recognized as a mini zoo in the city of Sambalpur as it has 288 animals and 20 species of birds. Along with Deer, Birds, Peacocks, parrots, Leopard, Bears are other animals that are the main attraction of this place. It…

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Budharaja Temple, Budharaja Hill, Sambalpur

Budharaja temple is situated on a small hillock inside Sambalpur city. The temple is covered with Forest and in the middle of Budharaja hill. There is a Shiva temple located on the top. Lord Shiva is worshipped in this temple. According to locals, the temple is about 600-700 years old and was built by the king of Sambalpur. The Sital Sasthi is a Major festival in western Odisha, so it is celebrated as the main festival in the temple, which day thousands of devotees come here and observe this festival. It is…

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Dadhibaman Temple, Dhanakauda, Sambalpur

Dadhibaman Temple is situated around 4.5 km distance from Sambalpur bus stand. Lord Jagannath is the presiding deity of this temple in Dadhibaman Avtar. Ratha Yatra is the main festival of Dadhibaman Temple. Every year thousands of devotees come here to see the Festival. The Place is attracting thousands of visitors and Pilgrimages for its Panoramic Picturesque as this temple. Dadhibaman Mandir is one of the famous temples in Sambalpur, Odisha. Popular Tourist Attractions places near Dadhibaman Temple Maa Samaleswari Temple Hirakud Dam, Sambalpur Hirakud Ropeway, Hirakud Dam Gandhi & Jawahar Minar…

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Cattle Island, Hirakud Dam, Sambalpur

Cattle Island is located near Kumarbandh village of the Belpahar-Banharpali range. It is about 90 km from Sambalpur and 10 km by waterway from Hirakud Dam. Cattle Island has located in one of the extreme points of Hirakud Reservoir, a natural wonder. The island is inhabited only by wildlife and has no human presence. The island is a submerged hill, and before the construction of Hirakud Dam, it was a developed village.  During the resettlement period, villagers left some of their cattle behind. When the dam construction was over, the…

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