Saliha Smuriti Stambha, Nuapada

The Saliha Smuriti Stambha is situated about 5 km from Nuapada. It is a witness to the war of independence. This is the only place in the district where bullets were fired during the freedom struggle. Many people had gathered here in support of Mahatma Gandhi’s Salt Satyagraha and opposed the British here. The police fired sticks and also fired bullets. It was 30 September 1930.

During this time, where one person was martyred, more than sixty people were arrested and imprisoned in Raipur Jail. It is known as Saliha Movement, and this battle of independence is celebrated as Saliha Smuriti Stambha Day on 30th September. At that time, Saliha used to come to Raipur district, and the details of this incident are said to be present in the documents there. However, after the formation of the Nuapada district in 1993, a memorial pillar was built in Saliha to commemorate the martyrs, the people of this village feel that there should be something more in memory of the martyrs.