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Baba Jhadeswar Temple, Deogarh

Baba Jhadeswar Temple is located 3 km distance from Deogarh Town. Lord Shiva is being worshipped in this temple in the form of Jhadeswar. The Lingam or the phallic icon is “Swayambhu‟ (natural formation) and not implanted. The temple was built by Deba Durllav Deb, a scion of the royal family during the rule of Raja Brajasundar Deb in the year 1854. The temple was constructed following the architectural pattern of the Kalinga style of temples. A legend is attached to this temple about the discovery of the Shiva Lingam, which has…

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Deojharan Waterfall & Spring, Deogarh

Deojharan Spring is located inside a dense forest in Reamal Block and is a distance of 16 Km distance from Deogarh Town. Deojharan Spring is a popular picnic spot in Deogarh. According to locals, this place in the dense forest was the camping ground of the forces of Bamanda. The Waterfalls flow through large rocks that attract tourists. Deojharn Falls is one of the Best Picnic Spots in Deogarh, Near Gohira Dam. The waterfall is surrounded by dense and thick forest attract thousands of visitors. Deojharan spring produces such clean and…

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Kalajira Dam, Godavari Lake, Deogarh

The Kalajira Minor Irrigation Project and Godavari Lake have constructed at Ballam in the year 1891. It is 16 Km from Deogarh town. Godavari Lake offers a peaceful ambience to visitors. During winter, some migratory birds come to Godavari Lake. Raja Satchidananda Tribhuban Deb has constructed one temple and one Dak-Bungalow on a hillside, which depicts the deep legacy of Indian Culture and tradition. The Dam surrounded by small mountains and green forests. The Beautiful natural atmosphere attracts the visiter and picnic rush the spot during winter. Kalajira Dam is…

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Satchidananda Library, Deogarh

Satchidananda Library was Built-in the year 1920 by Raja Dibya Sankar Deb in memory of his father Raja Satchidananda Tribhuban Deb, a renowned poet and man of scientific ideas. He was fond of learned discourse and used to organise weekly seminars on both the soft subjects of arts and of hardcore science among intellectuals. He donated his personal collection of books to the public library to develop the habit of reading and learning among people. He had set up a laboratory in the palace for experiments in mechanics and metallurgy.…

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