Labangi Water Hole, Tikarpada, Angul

This place is closely located in Tikarpada. It is also considered one of the best places in Odisha for trekking. It is the place where the Takarsingha Water hole has Found, and this is also the place for many different types of animals. This water hole has located near Labangi and a tourist place in Angul, Odisha.

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Malayagiri Hill Station, Mountain Peak, Angul

Malayagiri is a mountain peak in the Malayagiri hills. It is located near Pal Lahara town in the district of Anugul of Odisha. Malayagiri Mountain is one of the Best Hill Stations In Odisha. At 1,187 metres, it is the third highest mountain in Odisha, followed by Deomali 1672 meters and 1501 meters high Mahendragiri, and is also the 3rd Highest Peak Of Odisha is Malayagiri mountain. The Malayagiri mountain is also known as Malyagiri. The natural beauty and thick forest attract visitors to come here. Malayagiri is the pride…

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Giriswar Mahadev Temple & Khuludi Waterfall, Angul

The Khuludi waterfall is situated 92 km distance from Angul and 185 from Bhubaneswar. The Malyagiri Mountain range of Pallahara Subdivision houses a dazzling waterfall near the village Khuludi. The spectacular jump of the waterfall from the hilltop and paying deference to Lord Giriswar temple is located at a distance of 20 Km from Pallahara. It is a famous spot for group picnics and relaxation. The tourist can enjoy the superb scenery of Sunset and sunrise and the eternal beauty of nature is breathtaking here. Khuludi waterfall is one of…

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Deulajhari Celestial Hot Spring, Angul

Deulajhari Celestial hot spring is located 6 Km distance from Athamallik and 90 Km away from Angul. It is the ancient citadel of Saivism. The Spring has been constructed within dense original Jasmine forest that stands as the high walls around the Deulajhari. The distinctiveness of the place lies in its hot springs(Celestial Hot Spring) that surround the Temple. It said that there were eighty-four such springs. Now twenty-four springs are lively. Deulajhari Shiva temple is a famous temple in Angul, Odisha. The prominent springs bearing the names like Agnikunda,…

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