Chhena Jhilli Recipe

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  • Chhena- 500gms
  • Refined flour- 50gms
  • Sugar- 700gms
  • Water- 1 ½ Ltr
  • Ghee- 700gms
  • Cardamom powder- 1 ¼ tsp
  • Ghee- 700gms
  • Bay leaves- 3 to 4

The formula of Chhena jhilli

Chhena Jhilli: For making the syrup, boil sugar, water and bay leave till slightly thick so that a thin thread is formed when touched with fingers. Squeeze the whey from Chhena completely. In a big Thali, mix Chhena and cardamom powder. Knead well. Add Maida and again knead thoroughly.

Heat ghee in a Kadhai till warm. Take a thick piece of cloth, and cut a small hole in the middle. Place some Chhena on the cloth gather, the sides of the cloth tightly over the Chhena and hold it in your right hand. Grease your left palm and squeeze the cloth by twisting a bit, in a circular motion Pipe out Chhena, in the shape of Jhilli on your left palm. Slip it into the ghee. In this way make all the Jhillis and cook on low heat till golden colour. Raise the heat to make it brown. Drain well and dip in syrup. Allow to soak completely. Serve warm or chilled. A Small town named Nimapara in Puri District is famous for Chhena Jhilli.