Uttareswar Shiva Temple, Bhubaneswar

Uttareswar Siva temple

This Uttareswar Shiva temple stands on the northern side of the Bindusagar tank with the Lord Siva as its presiding deity. A group of temples are inside its complex. Lord Shiva is worshiped in the Uttaresvara temple. There are statues of Bhairava and Bhairavi on both sides of the entrance to the Garbha Gruha. The main monuments are the Uttareswar and Bhimeshwar Temple assigned to the 9th- 10th century AD. There are many small and large temples in the vicinity of this temple, and Godavari is also located in the vicinity of a pond. Uttareswar Shiva Mandir is one of the famous temple in Bhubaneswar, Khordha