Tapang Green Lake, Nijigarh, Khordha

Tapang Green Lake is located at Nijigarh in Khordha District. It is 12 km from Khordha town and 37 Km from Bhubaneswar. Bada Sauli Mundia is known as Odisha Canyon Lake. The artificial Lake was created after the mining of stone mines. The reflection of the sun’s rays on the green waters of Lake Tapang is wonderful. With its beautiful sight near the city of Bhubaneswar, it has become a tourist destination for both state and foreign tourists in a very short time. the best time to visit this place is during sunrise or sunset because you can enjoy feeling the charm. 

The place used to be the stone quarry but is now filled up with rainwater. In the vicinity of the lake, there is disarmament dynamite that could pose a threat to the people, so the Khordha district administration has declared Nijigarh Tapang a limited area. 

Bada Sauli Mundia is a picnic spot in the Khordha district. No one can believe that such a place is located in the nearby Khordha district of Bhubaneswar. During the Corona lockdown, a large number of tourists have visited Tapang Lake. Tapang Green Lake is one of the most tourist attractions in the Kohordha district. Barunei and Karunei Pitha is located at a distance of 15 km from Tapang lake. tapang lake is a popular tourist places near Bhubaneswar