Rameshwar Temple, Mausi Maa Deula, Bhubaneswar

Mausi maa deula

The Rameshwar temple is located at a distance of 2 km north of the Lingaraj temple near Mausi maa square. The temple stands on a high ground without any Jagamohan. This temple is also popularly known as Mausi Maa Temple. History says that this temple was built during Ganga’s reign. It is said that Ashok stayed for some days at Bhubaneswar after the Kalinga war. He built some Buddhist monuments during his stay. There is an ancient tank just behind the Rameswar temple called Ashok Jhar, and a deep well called Ashok Jhar, and a deep well called Ashok Kunda on the southern side of this temple. There is a deep well called Ashok Kunda on the south side of this Rameswar temple (Mausi maa deula).

Once a year on the day of Asokastami in the month of Chaitra (March- April), the representatives of the lord Lingaraj, Chandrasekhar, Vasudev and Rukmini are driven to this temple in a chariot with ceremonial pomp and show. On the fifth day, the three deities leave the Rameswar temple and start their return journey to the Lingaraj temple. Rameswar Temple (Mausi maa deula) is one of the famous temple in Bhubaneswar, Khordha.