Chausathi Jogini Temple, Hirapur, Khordha

Chausathi Jogini Temple is located at Hirapur. It is 18 km away from Bhubaneswar and is 44 km from Khordha Town. There are around 56 such idols, made of black granite, inscribed within the wall cavities, centring on the main idol which is the Goddess Kali, who stands on a human head representing the triumph of the heart over the mind. It is the Center of Tantric ordered for the worship of 64 yoginis carved out of black chlorite stone. 

The temple is believed to be built by the Queen Hiradevi of the Bramha dynasty during the 9th century. It’s built circularly, completely put together with blocks of sandstone. The inside of the circular wall has cavities, each housing the statue of a Goddess. The temple houses a central altar (Chandi Mandapa) which has the remaining 8 Goddess idols on all 4 sides. Some historians believe that an idol of Maha Bhairava was worshipped in the Chandi Mandapa. Chausathi Jogini Temple is one of the tourist places in khordha. (Source)