Sikharchandi Temple & Hill, Bhubaneswar

sikhar chandi hill

The Sikharchandi is located at the top of the hillock in the patia Area. Maa Shikharchandi is worshiped in a temple on this hill. It is said to be associated with the Yogini culture. Interestingly, the regular Pujak of the Sikharchandi is a non-Brahmin, who comes daily from a nearby village down the hill and leaves the temple by evening. It appears to be contemporaneous with the Chausathi Yogini temple of Hirapur. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the city from the temple premices, especially after the sunset provides a pleasant sight to the viewers. Shikhar Chandi Temple and sikharchandi hill are one of the famous temple in Bhubaneswar, Khordha.