Bhimeshwar Temple, Bhubaneswar

Bhimeshwar Temple is popularly called as Bhimeshwar or Bibhisaneswar. This temple attracts the attention of the visitors. Legends have it that Rama after having slain Ravana came here to offer his obeisance to the Sivalingas. Five miniature temples named after the Five Pandav brothers exist here. The temple stands on the left side of the road to puri in the close neighbourhood of the eastern gate of the Lingaraj compound. Another Pandava cave associated with the name of the Pandavas is located in the village of Badagada. It lies a few meters west of the temple of Bhaskareswar on the Tankapani road. There are five rock-cuts caves named after the five Pandavas of Mahabharat fame. According to historians, these caves had been built during the Gupta age. Bhimeshwar temple is one of the famous temple in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.