Chipilima Hydro Project, Hirakud Dam, Sambalpur

Chiplima Dam is 38 km from Sambalpur and situated on the right side bank of the river Mahanadi. The 80 ft high natural fall on the river Mahanadi has been used as the second Hydroelectric project of Hirakud dam. It is also a religious place for the goddess Ghantalei and the presiding deity of the locality.

The multi-purpose Hirakud Dam across the river Mahanadi was constructed for flood control, irrigation and power generation. Hirakud Dam is a composite structure of the earth, concrete and masonry. The main dam having an overall length of 4.8 km spans between hills Laxmi-Dungri on the left and Chandli-Dunguri on the right. The dam is flanked by 21 km log earthen dykes, both on left and right sides to close the low saddles beyond the abutment hills.

It has the distinction of being at one time the longest earthen dam in the world, being 25.8 km long with dams and dykes taken together. It also has the rare distinction of forming the biggest artificial lake in Asia with a reservoir spread of 743 sq km at the full reservoir level. Hirakud dam intercepts 83400 sq. km of Mahanadi catchments. Chiplima is one of the popular tourist places in Sambalpur. (Source)