Ammakunda Waterfall, Malkangiri

Ammakunda waterfall is situated at about 70 Km distance from Malkangiri district near Khoirput. It is one of the tourist places in Malkangiri District. It is a hilly place having a perennial waterfall which creates a pool of crystal clear water. The beautiful natural atmosphere and the amazing sound of the waterfall attract to the visitor and picnic rush the spot during winter Season. 

Ammakunda waterfall area is surrounded by dense forest and small hillocks. The fishes found in that gorge are quite friendly to the human being and are believed to be the form of Lord Vishnu in ” Matsya Avatar”. Fishing in that place is not practiced according to the belief of the local people as well as the visitors. Visitors can enjoy their stay at this place by feeding the fishes. Ammakund is a popular tourist destination in Malkangiri District. (Source)