Charchika Temple, Banki, Cuttack

The Banki goddess Charchika Temple is situated on a small hillock Ruchika Parvata at the side of the river Mahanadi. It is about 52 km from Cuttack. Goddess Charchika is the presiding deity of the Banki and Odisha. It is also a Shaktipitha of Odisha, and devotees come here daily to worship the goddess Charchika. Durgapuja is one of the main functions of this place. Besides Pana Yatra, Jhanu yatra, Kumar Purnima, Basanti Puja and Dola yatra are also observe here with much pomp and ceremony on Charchika temple. Banki Maa Charchika Temple Shakti Peeth is a fomous temple in Cuttack

It is associated with Lord Parashurama, who had a long time meditation before goddess Charchika to get rid of the sin of matricide. Therefore the place is known as Parashurama Pitha. A river named Renuka was flowing by the side of the mountain in the long past. One of the kings of the Dhala dynasty had constructed this temple. Though the main temple no architecturally attracts its front wooden pavilion preserves Odisha antique art and architecture in wooden carvings. Banki Charchika mandir is the best tourist places in Cuttack, Odisha.