Guja Pahad, Jemamal Pahar, Jharsuguda

Guja Pahad is situated in Tillia Gram Panchayat in Jharsuguda district and the backside of the Hirakud Dam reservoir. Its natural scenery and panoramic view create excitation and cheers in visitors’ minds. This hill area is always surrounded by reservoir water except in summer. In Guja Pahar, at the top of the hill, there is a tunnel, one can come through up to the foot of the hill. A cave is also there, it is filled by dense forest. Local people are saying “A great saint was leaving. Once he was arranging a Yangya. He was all arrangements except water. For arranging water, he dug a well under the banyan tree by his hand.

After some time water is coming out and is following down as a perennial stream.” The perinea stream is also the most attractive of this place. From the right side of Gujapahar, there is another hill called Deshar Hill. It is always surrounded by the Hirakud Dam reservoir. More than half a thousand cows live naturally. Nobody takes care. This behaviour is fully different from domestic cows. Guja Pahad is 60 km from Jharsuguda and 40 km from Belpahar. Source