Putsil Mountain Point & Hill Valley, Eco Retreat, Koraput

Putsil Mountain Point is 1 km from Pendajam. It has located 21 km from Sunabeda and 40 km from Koraput town. Putsil is known as Switzerland of Odisha. It is a great pleasure to watch Mountain Point stand up and see the views of many nearby hills. A large number of tourists come here for winter picnics in the mountains. When the clouds touch the mountains of the valley, it enchants tourists. On the way to Putsil Valley, you can enjoy waterfalls, Springs and Coffee Garden.

Another major attraction of the Putsil Valley is the Eco Retreat, Arrangements have been made here by the Odisha Tourism Department to attract tourists to the mountain views. The eco-retreat will run until February 28 2022. There are 25 temporary tents built, and a watchtower has been set up to enjoy the beauty of the hillside. All kinds of arrangements are made here for the accommodation, food, security, trekking, yoga and other cultural activities of the tourists. Putsil Table Mountain Point is one of the most popular tourist places in the Koraput District, Odisha.