Nandapur Batrisa Singhasan, Koraput

Nandapur is situated 30 km away from Sunabeda and the old capital of king Jeypore. Nandapur occupies a unique place in Koraput District. The Old Capital of Jeypore was Estate ruled by the Suryavansi Kings. The Batrisa Singhasan arouses nostalgic memories of a golden era. Nandapur speaks volumes on the rich cultural heritage of the region. The Batrish Sinhasan 32 steps to the throne, linked with the fabled throne of King Vikramaditya of Ujjain has been a major crowd puller of the area, the 1.8-metre red image of Ganesh idol at the Ganesh temple and the Sarbaeswar shrine in Odishan style will amaze you. The place is famous for sandal trees and medicinal herbals. The ruins of the historic mud wall that once surrounded the little township stand as a mute witness to glorious times in the past. (Source)