Jeypore City, Surya & Moti Mahal, Koraput

Jeypore City is the oldest and biggest town in the Koraput district. It is only 22km from Koraput. Earlier known as “Jayapura”, literally means “The City of Victory”. History, royalty, power and culture are all packed in this place. The modern Jeypore town is a perfect example of culture and trade. Jeypore came into existence after the rulers of the Suryavansi dynasty shifted their capital from Nandapur to Jeypore in the mid 17 century. 

While the modern Jeypore city is one of the busiest trading centres of south Odisha. The Palace known as “Moti Mahal”, which presently houses the royal family, is spread over 10 acres of land and the old Palace known as “Surya Mahal” is a testimony to the glorious past of the erstwhile Jeypore kingdom, which came to an end after the abolition of zamindari system in 1951. The “Moti Mahal” was constructed after 1890, and it is said that it took 11 years to complete. Sardar Mahana Singh of Amritsar in Punjab was the contractor for the palace. However, the “Darbar Hall” was constructed in the mid-1930s by a Calcutta based company. (Source)