Uma Maheswar Temple, Belkhandi, Kalahandi

Belkhandi Uma Maheswar dhabaleswar Temple is Situated on the confluence of the river Tel and Uttei. It  is 67 K.Ms from Bhawanipatna. Two tributaries of the river Mahanadi, Belkhandi has gained prominence as a centre of religious activities and archaeological importance with a picturesque site. Besides the temples now standing therein, ruins of 12th Century monuments have been excavated from there in the recent past. Among the sculptures unearthed images of Sapta Matruka (Seven Mother Goddesses) and Uma Maheswar are not-worthy. The ruins of Belkhandi are preserved in a small museum adjacent to the temple premises. It is also an ideal site for an outing. Belkhandi Uma maheswar is a popular famous Temples in Kalahandi,  Odisha.(Source)