Ananda Bana Nature Park, Bhubaneswar

Ananda Bana is located within the city of Bhubaneswar, just 3 km distance from Khandagiri. The main objective of this forest is to give people the pleasure, health, and fitness of green forest in the city. This ananda bana is limited to a 90-acre-foot area, 3 wetlands, a 3830-meter-long cycle track, a road, Pratvaraman, vehicle parking, a Millet mission, and a Koraput coffee stall. It also has 10000 trees and 69 types of medicinal plants. Anada van has been developed in collaboration with Bda, Omc and Odisha forest department. You can take daily programs, seasonal and holiday events, and educational opportunities facilities in this Ananda Van.

The park also has a meditation centre, which provides a peaceful environment for meditation and other spiritual practices. The Best time to visit is during the early morning and evening for pictures, sightseeing and peace. The park has beautiful grassy areas where people can sit or rest for a while. Ananda Bana cost per head is just Rs.5 for one day, Rs.100 per month for 1 month, Rs.500 per year and Rs.1000 per year.

Ananda Bana Opening & Close Time

  • 1st February to 31st October-5:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • 1st November to 31st January-5:30 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Daily Maintainance Closure-11:00 AM – 03:00 PM

Ananda Bana Entry Fee Pricing

  • One Day ₹ 5.00/
  • Monthly Pass ₹ 100.00/
  • Half Yearly Pass ₹ 500.00/
  • Yearly Pass ₹ 1000.00/

Tourist Attraction

  • Explore Bhubaneswar’s Natural Bounty
  • Connect with Nature
  • Inclusive Enjoyment
  • Discover and Learn
  • ORMAS Outlet
  • Savor Koraput Coffee
  • Millet Shakti Cafe
  • Birdwatching Bliss
  • Witness Collective Conservation

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Open Timings

Ananda Bana opening time is Everyday Morning 5 am to Evening 6 pm

Ananda Bana entry fee

Ananda Bana entry fee price per head is just Rs.5 for one day, Rs.100 for 1 month, Rs.500 per half year and Rs.1000 per year.

Best Time to visit

The best time to visit AnandaBana Park is all time of the year

Nearest Bus Stop

The nearest Bus stop is Baramunda, which is located around 4 KM distance from Ananda Vana nature park

Nearest Railway Station

The Nearest Railway Station is Bhubaneswar, which is located around 11 KM distance from Ananda Vana nature park

Nearest Airport

The nearest Airport is Biju Patnaik International Airport, Bhubaneswar, which is located around 10 KM distance from Anandabana nature park