Breakfast Island, Chilika Lake, Rambha, Ganjam

Breakfast Island is located in Rambha Bay between Badakuda (Honeymoon) and Somolo Island. It is a pear-shaped island. This Island is popularly known as “Sankuda Island”. It is a unique place in itself and is shaped like a pear and lies between Badakuda and Somolo islands near Rambha. The Breakfast Island was built by the king of Khallikote, which is now in ruins but still looks beautiful even after the destruction. Mr. Snodgrass who was the Collector of Ganjam used to come and spend time in this bungalow. As this place is full of greenery, Mr Snodgrass used to have his office work on this Island. The flora of the Breakfast Island is quite interesting. The site is a rocky hill covered with herbs, shrubs, trees and creepers. Some Stone boulders are coloured white due to folic acid from bird droppings. During winter, the migratory birds are coming to this land in a large proportion. Rambha Breakfast Island is an attraction tourist place in Ganjam District of Odisha. Source