Sacred Temple Tank & Kund, Bhubaneswar

Bindu Sagar Lake, Bindu Sarovar Tank, Bhubaneswar, Khordha

Bhubaneswar is known as the temple city of India, where many famous ancient temples can be found, these temples have small and big holy Tanks (Kund), which are of great importance.

Bindusagar Temple Tank is situated on the outskirts of Lingaraj Temple. This Kund is one of the holy Kunds of Odisha. This holy tank was excavated by King Vara Keshri. The size of this tank is 300’*700′ and its depth is 10′. This tank is covered with solid stone. Lord Lingaraj is taken to this temple on the island every evening by a beautifully decorated boat. There is a temple to Ananta Vasudeva in front of this pond. The musical fountain is held every evening at 6 PM and 7 PM in the Bindu Sagar tank. Another sacred function of this temple is offering Pindas to ancestors.

Sahasra linga (Sahasralinga), Tank, Bhubaneswar, Khordha

Sahasra Linga Tank (Kund) Located on the eastern side of the Lingaraj temple, a tank called Sahra Linga Sara has one thousand Lingas. There were many small temples around the tank each had a ling at its centre. There are currently 77 small temples of which only five have Lingas Sahasralinga Kund is a holy Kund.

Kotitirtheswar Temple Kund, Kotitirtha Tank, Bhubaneswar

Kotitirtha Tank is located behind the Kotitirtheswar, there is a tank lined with stones and has a flight of steps on the west side. It is believed that this is a repository of the waters of ten million sacred pools, and pilgrims bathe in it to wash off their accumulated sins.

Brahma Kunda & Brahmeswara Tank

Brahmakunda to the west of the temple of Brahmeswara, close by its terrace, there is a large tank called Brahma Kunda

Mukteswar Kund

Mukteswar Kunda is located close behind the temple of Mukteswar, there is an oblong tank(Marichi Kunda) 100 feet * 25 feet, lined with stone revetments on their sides, and having a flight of steps on the fourth. Its water is auctioned on Ashokastami day before the day breaks. It is believed that if a barren woman bathes in this holy water, she will be blessed with a child.

Kedar Gouri Kunda

Kedar Gouri Kunda & Dudh Kund is situated to the south of the Mukteswar temple, within a distance of about thirty feet. The Gouri Kunda is located to the east of the Gouri temple. The pool is 70 feet long and 28 feet broad and has a depth of 16 feet. Its sides are perpendicular, lined by stone steps, 20 feet long, and altogether 10 feet wide. The water is beautifully clear, and slightly tepid, which makes bathing very pleasant. To the west of the Kedareswar temple is a well-called Dudha Kunda. It has a perennial and natural spring and the water is said to have medicinal properties. the water of this spring is recommended by some for dyspepsia. To the east of the Kedarswar temple is a small pool called Kedar Kunda.

Ashok Jhar Tank

Ashok Jhar is located close to the temple of the Rameswar, there is a tank of moderate size. It is called Ashokjhar. A deep well called Ashok Kunda is also on the southern side of this temple.

Gosagareswar Kund

Gosahasreswar Hrada close to the temple of Gosahasreswar, there is a tank called the Gosahasra Hrada. According to the Ekamra Purana, it was in this place that Devi first saw a herd of cattle which poured their milk on the Linga, and hence she removed it to the vicinity of Bindusagar, where she encountered the demons, Kiriti and Vasa.